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JeyOdds Sports Betting Solutions offer comprehensive sports and esports coverage, real-time and trustworthy betting data, an unmatched number of markets, and industry-leading accuracy. Our solutions include everything from sportsbook platforms to data feeds, so you can take full advantage of our offerings or choose only what you need.

  • Cutting-edge technology, introduced in 2018
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  • Seamless integration with online, retail, and omnichannel platforms
  • Highly available betting options for increased revenue
  • Real-time Sports Data APIs and Data Feeds for accurate and reliable data
  • Expert Managed Trading Services team for optimized performance
  • Dedicated Account Management for personalized support
  • Round-the-clock Technical and Trading support for uninterrupted operation

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JeyOdds offers a range of sports betting solutions to help bookmakers improve their operations, maximize profits and boost their coverage. With our advanced technology and real-time data feeds, we provide tailored solutions that meet the needs of every market. Contact us today to learn more and schedule a demo. 

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