The Platform

Our platform service offers a comprehensive solution for gaming operators, featuring an advanced player account management module that allows for a personalized and engaging experience for customers, generating more revenue for operators. The platform includes:

Product features

  • Outstanding promotion and bonus engine
  • Full 360-degree view of player activities
  • Integrated payment processing solution with shared real-time wallet
  • Advanced CRM system with integrated Know Your Customer components
  • Flexible configurator for responsible gaming

In addition to the advanced player account management module, the platform also includes various other features such as:

  • Payment Providers: Our platform offers a wide range of payment providers for secure and convenient transactions for customers.
  • Admin Web API & Back-end Administration: Our platform offers a web-based API and back-end administration for easy and efficient management of the platform.
  • Portal, Database Cluster, Master, & Slave: Our platform includes a portal for easy access to all platform features, a database cluster for efficient data management, and master and slave servers for optimal performance.
  • Online Web and Mobile Channels, Front-end Web API: Our platform is compatible with online web and mobile channels, and includes a front-end web API for seamless integration with other systems.

Websites, Real-time Analytics, Player Management, Partner Management, Global Settings, Accounts & Transactions, Payment Management, Product Management, Content Management, Bonus Engine, Multilingual Management, Reports and Statistics, Dashboard and KPIs Engine, 3rd Party Content, 3rd Party Tools:

All these features are included in the platform for optimal management of sportsbook, casino, live casino, poker, lottery, and other games.

This comprehensive platform offers everything operators need to run a successful gaming business, including a wide range of payment providers, advanced player account management, and various other features for efficient management and optimal performance