Casino Game Module

Enhance your offering with our high-performing gaming solution:
Drive incremental revenue to your business with a massive and truly high-performing gaming portfolio
Built to provide a seamless entertainment experience through outstanding performance
Ability to process tens of thousands of transactions per second, with an unrivalled response time
Gaming catalogue includes a wide range of game types to target specific player segments including CASINO, LIVE CASINO, POKER, OR BINGO
Gaming Module in combination with Player Account Management Module enables rewarding customers through ready-to-use promotions using a unique wallet
Advanced CMS for easy offer control
Fully integrated lobby
Flexible, option-rich games configurator
Thousands of games available from 3rd parties to create a one-to-one customer experience with a one-to-many setup
Ability to create hourly, daily, weekly or monthly tournament activity and publish on website easily
Leverage rich customer data and in-game events to create fun ‘one-off’ achievements or dynamic Missions
Encourage positive interactions by taking customers on a journey around digital estate using achievements and Missions
True real-time updates allow customers to track and compare results with other players instantly

Real-time tournaments, achievements, missions, and loyalty options available
Ability to replicate ‘multi-round’ or ‘knockout’ structures of major sporting tournaments for more effective and engaging event tie-ins
Automatically fulfil cash prizes, bonuses, badges or jackpots instantly without need for manual credits
All types of jackpots available, with ability to optimize jackpot triggers using CompetitionLabs’ powerful rules engine
Integration with Insured Jackpot providers or existing Jackpot services possible.