Sportsbook Solution

Our sportsbook solution is designed to meet the needs of bookmakers in an ever-evolving and competitive market. With the rise of mobile and in-play betting opportunities, bookmakers need to externalize labor-intensive tasks and increase their efficiency by automating processes in a cost-effective manner.

Our advanced technology is fully in-house developed and supported 24/7/365, allowing for a seamless and efficient operation. We actively promote the continued development in the industry to constantly meet the needs and requirements of our clients’ businesses.

Our solution offers live coverage, no in-house trading required thanks to a full service offering, and the ability to launch or extend live betting offers for sportsbook. It is specifically designed for multi-platform use, including shops, terminals, and online.

Our advanced trading and risk management tools allow bookmakers to fine-tune their business operations, reduce costs and risks, and improve overall performance. We provide truly customized content, better pricing, utmost security, complete flexibility, and improved operations. With JWS, bookmakers can stay ahead of the competition and provide an unparalleled customer experience.